Traditional leaders arrested in Kebri Dahar town

Reports that have reached the Ogaden Online service desk from Kebri Dahar town confirm recent mass arrest carried out by the Ethiopian military deployed in the area and its associated Militia. According to eyewitnesses over dozens of traditional leaders were arrested.

This illegal mass arrest took place after elders have voiced strong objection after Ethiopian security forces hanged to death a young woman named Taysir Omar Fod. After Taysir’s death locals took to the streets and demanded justice, however, Ethiopian security forces responded by arresting over 400 people, killing and injuring seriously many of those detained.

A preliminary list we have received so far contains the following names:

  1. Khadar Cali Mahad’ala
  2. Axmed Cumar Cali
  3. Zakariye Cabdi Hade
  4. Faysal Fudhad
  5. Cabdikuun Nuur Cali Biixi
  6. Raqiib Cabdi Dable.

Kebri Dahar city is under dawn to dusk curfew that is first confining civilians in their homes and enabling the Ethiopian military and its Liyu militia to carryout mass detentions, torture and extra judicially killing some of those detained.

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