Rotting Bones of Disappeared Women Found

Rotting Bones of Disappeared Women Found

Reports reaching the Ogaden Online service desk confirm that the rotting bones of two disappeared but now deceased women were found in the town of Jiic Dabayle, Somali spelling, near the city of Gari-Go’an in the province of Nogob in the Ogaden.

The now deceased women whose rotting bones were found were kidnapped two months ago by a marauding and murderous militia colloquially known locally as the Liyu Police. The militia heads have been telling the town folks that the two women were in jail in the city of Birqod.

Instead of sending the kidnapped women to Birqod as the militia claimed, it turns out that the two women were repeatedly raped upon being kidnapped and their corpses buried in a shallow hole in the forest. The women’ corpses were found by Sheppard grazing in the forested area.

The parents of the two deceased women identified the rotting bones with the dresses the women were wearing when they were kidnapped which the militia appears to have buried them with their clothes on.

The names of the deceased women are said to be Saynaba Xuseen Aadan (xuseeb-Faadhi) and the daughter of Maxamed Cali Cabdi Guray. Both women left behind four children each. The rotting bones of the deceased were given proper burial in the town.

The finding of the rotting bones has caused anxiety to many town folks whose relatives are said have been detained for years now. It is not a stretch that those said to be detained may also have been extra judicially killed and their corpses buried in unknown graves in the forest while the town folks are given the false hope that their relatives are in detention.

Currently the militia heads have rounded the town folks and threatened them with reprisals should the news of the rotting bones of the womenreach the outside world. The town folks were told anybody found to be communicating via telephone this news would be severely punished.

It is not the first time that this type of extrajudicial killings happened in the area or in the Ogaden in general, however the town folks are apprehensive of the gruesome nature of these killings and the un-Islamic disposal of the corpses.

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