Pro-TPLF Militia abducts businessman, confiscates his property

Pro-TPLF Militia abducts businessman, confiscates his property

By Ahmed Abdi

Werder— Ethiopian militia abducted a well-known businessman and confiscated his property in the city of Werder in Dollo Province on Saturday night, Halgan Media reports.

The Ethiopian militia backed by Tigrean Peoples Liberation Front abducted Saturday night Mohamed Sheikh Adani, said a reported published on Halgan Media.

“All his property has been confiscated by militias receiving orders from Ogaden head Abdi Iley, the report added.

A separate report published last Monday on Ogaden Online said a vehicle owned by a local MP who was trying to take part a rally in Dollo province was severely injured along with a dozen of civilians when the truck they were traveling in crashed between Daratole and Werder city.

Pro-democracy protests erupted in many parts of occupied-Ogaden over the last two weeks and continued till today.

Dozens of protesters have been gunned down by the Abdi Iley militia throughout Ogaden since last week.

Since last week dozens of people, most of them women and elderly, have been arrested in Togwajale, Kebri Dahar, Shinile, Afdem, Erer, Bike and Hadhagala of the Northern parts of occupied-Ogaden.

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