Ogaden Gas and the Pipe Dreams of the Dying Dinosaurs

Ever since the fascist Tigrian People Liberation Front (TPLF) masquerading as a pseudo democratic coalition of groups came to power twenty-four plus years ago, it was always known that there were two governments in Ethiopia.

One of these two governments had its seat in Addis Ababa with what was nominated but was made to look like an elected parliament. However, the real seat of power was based in the so-called regional zones orKililoch (or Kilil in singular form) whose true rulers were former TPLF militia heads who were within a short span of time promoted to military positions as high as Generals. On paper the regional Kililoch appeared to be self-governing but, it was the former TPLF militia heads who controlled and ran everything that happened in these zones.

It is not so secret that these former militia heads who act as the shadow government with the real power in Ethiopia are now threatened by the machinations and chess moves of the new Ethiopian prime minister. It is not mere coincidence that at a time when the Ethiopian Prime minister was hosting the Eritrean foreign minister in Addis Ababa discussing the ending of the two-decade old hostilities between the two nations that these former militia heads decided to indulge in one last self-preservation exercise using the Ogaden Gas as a backdrop.

Using their puppet in Kilil 5 they picked a date they called Ogaden Gas Day to shadow the reconciliation events taking place in Addis Ababa. They marshalled for the cameras both the so-called Generals and the militias that were hankering near the Ogaden gas wells for over 10 plus years for fear of being ambushed by the gallant Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) fighters deployed in the area for the sole purpose of preventing the exploitation of the Ogaden gas.

What these dying dinosaurs of every stripe forgot is that most of what they parlayed as having completed gas wells were not more than the gas well openings that were drilled in the 1930s by the American gas companies Mobil and Sinclair. The gas tankers they have showcased were simply the few that were used to supply, at a tremendous cost in both lost lives and lost military armor due to the constant ONLF ambushes, refined crude oil to the few workers that undertook the on again off again maintenance work in the gas fields.

What these dinosaurs do not realize or forgot due to the haste in organizing the publicity stunt is that anyone who knows the geography of the Ogaden landscape understands the implausibility of trucking gas from the Ogaden gas fields to the destinations they have mentioned in their videos.
They appear to have lost sight of the real reason why not one reputable oil company in the world has invested in the Ogaden gas fields is because of the potent threat posed by the ONLF army to anyone who would dare to exploit the Ogaden gas wealth without the express permission of the Ogaden citizenry. This threat has never ceased and will not cease until the Ogaden issue is resolved to the satisfaction of the Ogaden citizenry represented by the real force in the region i.e. the ONLF.

The events of the last few days concerning the Ogaden gas are nothing more than the pipedream of dying dinosaurs – TPLF militia heads and their puppet in Kilil 5- who are fearful of losing their power and influence given the new Sheriff in Addis Ababa.

Ogaden Online Editorial

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