Mass civilian detention reported in Kebri Dahar

Mass civilian detention reported in Kebri Dahar

Our reporters throughout Ogaden continue to report extra judicial killing sprees and mass detentions carried out by the Ethiopian military throughout Ogaden.

In this latest incident of torture and arrest, the Ethiopian security forces and its associated Liyu militias are reported to have arrested hundreds of  civilians in Kebri Dahar as confirmed by local eye witnesses.

Many of those detained were systematically abused and are facing life threatening injuries. Ethiopian forces and its  Liyu Militia tortured to death HASSAN SHEIKH MOHAMED. He was among the several hundred people detained yesterday.

So far the names below were received from our reporters on the ground and individuals who requested anonymity, as they are not authorized to divulge such information to the public.

  1. Axmed Maxamed Muxumed Gadhcase
  2. Catiib Cabdi Raabe Maxamed
  3. Maxamed Yuusuf Dheeg
  4. Cabdifataax Hade Xirsi
  5. Raxma Maxamed Muxumed
  6. Maariya Cabdi Dable
  7. Maxamed Cali Aabshir
  8. Feysal Sandheere
  9. Cabdulaahi Carab Cabdi
  10. Khadar Cabdi Tarey
  11. Maxamed Xirsi Axmed
  12. Cabdishukri Maxamed Cali
  13. Cbdullaahi Maxamed Cabdi
  14. Fadxi Cabdiraxmaan Sheekh Cali
  15. Khaalis Cabdi
  16. Shukri Sarhaye Xidig
  17. Bagadh Xirsi Cali
  18. Keydaane Maxamed Cali
  19. Khaliif Cabdi Burhaan
  20. Cabdi Yusuf Cabdiraxmaan
  21. Axmed Cumar Xaashi
  22. Maxamed Cismaan Dhicis
  23. Axmed Maxamed Badal
  24. Maxamed Yuusuf Dheeg
  25. Maxamed Ayaanle Xasan
  26. Wali Daahir
  27. Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Aar

Civilians living closer to the military garrison where these innocent people are held report the screams of the females day and night as it appears they might be tortured or gang raped.

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