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Fact on Ogaden

The flag of Ogaden consists of green, blue and red horizontal stripes with a pentagonal white star in the centre of the blue stripe.Flag’s Emblems:

Green represents the fertility and richness of the land.

Blue stands for the dignity and integrity of the people.

Red symbolizes the continuity of the struggle for self-determination and freedom

The white star represents the commitment and unity of the people.

Official Name:  Ogaden (in Somali Ogaadeenya)

Location:   In the East of Africa ( Horn of Africa)

Neighbors:  Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya, Somalia

Colony: Presently under the colony of Ethiopia

Area:  369 000 square kilometres (approximation)

Population:  5-6 million people

Division:  9 provinces; 48 districts

Capital City:  Godey

National Anthem: Calanyahow (meaning “Oh Flag”)

Main Languages :  Somali (official), Arabic, English

Main Religions:  99.9% practice Islam

Principal Rivers:  Ganaane, Shabeele, Dawa

Natural Resources: Gold, copper, natural gas, petroleum

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