Dozens of Youth rounded up in Shinile

Dozens of Youth rounded up in Shinile

Reports reaching Ogaden Online service desk from the Shinile province confirm the arrest and detention of dozens Youth, the detention of these Youth took place the night of May 15, 2018. The Youth were taken from cities and towns of Ayshica, Shiniile, Dhangaga & Biya Qaboob.

So far the names below, not the complete list, were received from our reporters on the ground and individuals who requested anonymity, as they are not authorized to divulge such information to the public.

  1. Cawale xusen (wadakariye)
  2. Maxamad mashale(suldaan)
  3. Barkhad celeye camir
  4. Rooble wabari (xalawe)
  5. Khadar muuse xadi
  6. Axmed wali cumar daahir
  7. Maxamed xasan tallan (cadani)
  8. Cawale muuse buraale
  9. Mustafe qorane
  10. Maxamed xasan caynanshe
  11. Abubakar nuur jamac
  12. Cumar giire dharar
  13. Guuled Cali cisman
  14. Ismacil xaamud Cali
  15. Axmed cisman jamac
  16. Ismacil cadawe

Reliable sources report that the kidnapped youth were immediately transported to unknown destination.

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