Dozens of Civilians detained many parts in Ogaden

Dozens of Civilians detained many parts in Ogaden

Our reporters in Ogaden are confirming an increasing trend of new extra judicial killings, severe forms of torture and lootings of civilian property by the Ethiopian Military throughout Ogaden.

In the latest incident of torture and arrest, the Ethiopian army and its associated Liyu Militias are reported to have arrested and severely tortured many Ogaden civilians last few weeks in various cities in Ogaden. So far the names below, not the complete list, were received from our Ogaden Online reporters on the ground and individuals who requested anonymity, as they are not authorized to divulge such information to the public:

Dira Dawa: Ten youth were detained. So far the names below were received from our reporters.

Raqiiq Siyaad
Aardoon Maxamed

Awaare: 4 Civilians were imprisoned, Ogaden Online has obtained the names of three out of the four victims.

Siyaad Jaamac
Maxamed Cabdullahi Cabdi
Aadan (unable to get his last name)

Barmil: Scores of civilians were detained, so far we have obtained two names.

Jaamac Idiris
Siyaad Xusse

No one knows the wellbeing & whereabouts of those detained in various part of the country

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