CONSTITUTIONAL CONSPIRACY: Ethiopia’s Secret Plan To Put Somalia In Check 

Editor’s Note: We published this article on July 10, 2002.

By  Ogaden Online Editorial Board 

 Something is brewing in the Ethiopian town of Sodere, hidden from the eyes of the world and under the heavy guard of only the most trusted of Ethiopian security personnel and intelligence officers. While what is taking place may seem of little consequence now, if it succeeds, what is happening in Sodere at this crucial moment in the history of Somalia will be looked back upon as the single most significant lasting effect of Ethiopian designs on Somalia.

Huddled together in a handful of rooms working tirelessly into late into the evenings and early morning is a collection of traitors of Somali origin tasked with nothing else than putting together a Somali constitution to be presented by Ethiopia’s surrogate warlords at the much anticipated Somali Reconciliation Conference to be held in Kenya under the auspices of the Inter Governmental Authority on Drought (IGAD).

Ethiopia, fearing the pressure of both the United States, European Union and the Arab League not to be the spoiler in what may be Somalia’s last chance for reconciliation has recently decided to insert a Trojan Horse into Somalia’s political future in the form of a constitution of it’s own design.

The urgency and importance of this plot in the eyes of Ethiopia is apparent in the fact that Ethiopia chose not to trust any of its surrogate Warlords with putting together this document which if adopted will set the parameters and direction of Somali politics for years to come.

Instead Ethiopia chose a handful of select individuals of Somali origin in the employ of the Ethiopian government for it’s plot.

The plan itself is simple, the warlords will accept the Transitional National Government’s contention that things should not be begun from scratch although some adjustments will be sought. In return, the warlords will seek as the price of their “loyalty” to the new broad based government, the adoption of a constitution secretly hatched in Ethiopia for the purpose crippling a Somalia which in the future may once again challenge Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa.

Like all human endeavors, some one at some point talks and information leaks out.

What has come out of the secret Sodere meeting is the beginnings of some key elements of this poison pill constitution.

  1.  Somalia shall be transformed into a Federation of State all of which will be represented in a national assembly. To put a check on the use of the Somali military, the constitution will stipulate that a declaration of war can only be made upon the approval of all states in the federation and not at the discretion of the central government.
  2. Somalia shall hereafter recognize the Administrative Line between it as a legal boundry of the Federation thereby forfeiting all future claim to territories west of that line.
  3. The constitution will specifically prohibit the support for ethnic Somali groups in the Ogaden region by classifying such acts as a declaration of war and as such subject to approval by every and each member of the Federation.
  4. There will be a constitutional limit to military expenditures under the justification of seeking to promote reconstruction of the country following the lengthy period of Statelessness.

Those familiar with the constitutions of Japan and Germany following World War II may note a similarity to what Ethiopia is putting together. The objective here is to ensure that Somalia as a state will never again become a challenge to Ethiopia which has come to see itself as the superpower of the Horn of Africa.

The delivery boys of this conspiracy are the very same warlords who have wreaked so much devastation on their own people.

If this plot succeeds, the legacy of Somalia’s civil war will not be the countless deaths and suffering it caused, but rather how Somalia became a de-facto colony of Ethiopia.

Patriots, you have been warned. Let it not be in vain.

Ogaden Online Editorial Board
July 10, 2002

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