Civilians rounded up in Gode and Abaqorow

Reports reaching our service desk from Shabelle province confirm the detention of civilians by the Ethiopian military forces deployed in and around the town of Gode and Abaqorow

Godey and Abaqorow town dwellers have confirmed to our reporter in the town that all the detained civilians were accused of having relatives in the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF). It is not the first time that civilians were detained by the Ethiopian forces in the mistaken belief that they, civilians, will be able to prevent relatives from joining or supporting ONLF.

So far the names below, not the complete list, were received from individuals who requested anonymity, as they are not authorized to divulge such information to the public:

Abaqorow list

  1. Hassan Abdi Qarayare
  2. Ibrahim Abdullahi Abdi
  3. Ahmed Sagal Abdi Gurey

Gode List

  1. Bashir Suldan Ibrahim
  2. Ahmed Mohamed Dayib
  3. Iikran Sharif Mohamed
  4. Awale Macalin Mohamed

Sources that refused to have their names published intimated to our reporter in Qabridahar that the military and the militia were recently ordered to roundup any civilians suspected of having relatives, close or distant, in the ONLF army.

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