Civilians detained in Qabridahar town, Ogaden

Ethiopian military and its associated Liyu militias are reported to have detained many civilians in Qabridahar town for the last few days as confirmed by local eye witnesses.

So far the names below were received from our reporters on the ground and individuals who requested anonymity, as they are not authorized to divulge such information to the public.

  1. Cali Xaaji Ibraahim
  2. Bacardhe Jihaad Cabdile Fiixiye
  3. Cabdi Cabdulaahi
  4. Cabdi Dable
  5. Amar Xaaji
  6. Maxamed Macalim Guhaad.

Reports of civilian killings and disappearances follow renewed campaigns by the Ethiopian military to pressure civilians specially those who live in the countryside. It is reported that these military personnel shoot those they encounter.

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