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Mass murder carried out by Ethiopian Military in Moyale town

Reports reaching Ogaden Online News service desk confirm the mass murder carried out by Ethiopian military in the town of Moyale, Borena Zone Oromio region. So far, 15 people have been confined and many more injured. The Ethiopian government has cut off electricity to Moyale town as reported by some Oromo media....

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8 civilians killed in Amhara region, Ethiopia

Reports reaching the Ogaden Online service desk from the Northern Ethiopia, Amhara region confirm the existence of a recent pitched battle that took place between the TPLF’s Paramilitary Death Squad known as Agazi and an unarmed local citizenry. The Agaz killed eight...

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An Oromo soldier kills a TPLF Officer in Kebri Dehar, Ogaden

Reports reaching the Ogaden Online service desk from Kebri Dehar town confirm a recent killing of a an Ethiopian who belongs to Tigrian ethnic by another Oromo ethnic soldier. Reliable sources who are closer to the Ethiopian military base in the city indicated that the Oromo soldier escaped, as a result the city is under curfew. Civilians are accused of hiding and aiding the Oromo...

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Ethiopian army looting private properties

Reports reaching the Ogaden Online service desk confirm an increasing trend of an old tactic used by the Ethiopian led TPLF army in Ogaden region is being applied now throughout Ethiopia. Latest report from the historic city of Harar confirm looting, robbing and confiscating private property at will. Many people were arbitrarily deprived of their properties and life savings. Vehicles owned by civilians were commandeered to transport troops. In related news, the office of the Command post ordered all the ministers “to handover their pickup and Isuzu trucks to be used for unspecified...

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At least six killed in protest that ensues decree of state of emergency

by Engidu Woldie ESAT News (March 3, 2018) Towns in the Oromo region used rocks and burning tyres to block roads and shut down transportations and businesses as soon as Ethiopia’s Parliament on Friday ratified, in a controversial tally of votes, a six-month state of emergency that gives absolute power to the military. Agazi soldiers of the regime have unleashed their brute force today killing at least six and injuring a dozen others. The Agazi force is exclusively made up of ethnic Tigrayans, who also form the ruling Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), which also controls the military. Residents...

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OGADEN: Ethiopia’s Hidden Shame


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