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The Decline of Western Influence on the Woyane Regime in Ethiopia

Editor’s Note: We published this article on June 26, 2010. The only major difference now and 2010 is that now the people of Ethiopia have spoken and no one  can stop them. The verdict is in. While the people of Ethiopia have not spoken, the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) regime currently in power in Ethiopia certainly has. The message from TPLF to those Western democracies that have been coddling and cajoling it is this: any leverage they thought they might have had on the TPLF regime no longer exists. For nearly two decades, Meles Zenawi, the TPLF head, has been on a deliberate, and sometimes provocative, strategic path to get to where he and his junta are today. His goal whether stated explicitly or implied has all along been to reach a point where it, the junta, would effectively be immune to any pressures that could be brought to bear by Western democracies. An astute student of African politics, Meles knew he took over an Ethiopia heavily dependent on foreign aid and that reality meant that the providers of that aid, mainly the West, had considerable leverage which could be brought to bear should they choose to exercise that power. The global war on terror came as a timely gift to Meles’s TPLF regime. It bought him time; time he used wisely to consolidate power while forging new relationships with undemocratic...

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Tribute To The Somali Women Of Ogaden

By Ogaden Online Editorial Nestled in the heart of the Horn of Africa a woman walks across the Savannah, with her child grasping one hand and a precious water container nearly filled to the rim in the other. She scans the landscape for signs of danger taking the form of Ethiopian troops on patrol. She knows that if she encounters even a small patrol, the chances of being raped, beaten and even killed are high. Despite this realization, her children must eat and drink and so she walks, albeit cautiously, driven by the undeniable love a mother has for her...

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Ethiopian “Mirages” In The Horn Of Africa”

Reprinted: Ogaden Online Published this Article on Dec 08, 2001 The desert plains of the Horn of Africa are full of instances where nomadic peoples traveling in long caravans see an oasis in the distance and rush toward it only to realize it was a mere desert vision, a trick on the eyes caused by the interaction of rising heat from the ground with the cooler air above. So real are these visions that from a distance thinks he can see ripples on the water surface increasing the anticipation of cool water just waiting to be leaped into. The dry lands of politics also has it’s own visions which appear so real from a distance but disappear upon further inspection. The difference in politics is that these visions are not naturally occurring, but man made. Case in point: Ethiopia as partner in the War on Terrorism. From a distance Addis is a staunch ally, a dependable one. From a distance, Ethiopia is a front line state in the war on terrorism. From a distance, Ethiopia has implemented a crack down on terrorist financial networks. From a distance, Ethiopia started several years ago it’s own war on terrorism. But only at a distance. Approach the pleasant vision of a genuinely eager ally and further scrutiny will reveal some interesting truths. The war on terrorism could not have come at a...

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Ethiopia’s HIV Carriers and the Consequences for the Ogaden Populace

Editors Note: We published this article on June 28, 2006 The recent news that Ethiopia’s chief of general staff is gravely ill with full blown aids and is being treated in the USA is not a shock to those who know the promiscuity of Ethiopian army personnel led by Tigrian generals who see sex, both consensual and gang rape, as a form of subjugation. It is no secret in many parties of Ethiopia and Ogaden that militias deployed there see themselves as both judges and the juries. These militias masquerading as army personnel, many of whom are infected with AIDS carryout gang rapes not only to intentionally spread the virus but also to instill unparalleled fear into the civilian population especially the nomads in Ogaden. These militias know full well that in Ogaden one would rather die in slow death rather than admit to having the Aids virus. The consequences of a single Aids infection in Ogaden are unimaginable. Ogaden is a country where majority of its society neither reads nor writes in any language. Ogaden is also a land where the most basic of health infrastructures is non existent. Furthermore Ogaden is a place where, due to ignorance and misconceptions, it is taboo for one to admit having the most curable of diseases such as tuberculosis. Even when the signs of tuberculosis are evident, it not unexpected to...

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CONSTITUTIONAL CONSPIRACY: Ethiopia’s Secret Plan To Put Somalia In Check 

Editor’s Note: We published this article on July 10, 2002. By  Ogaden Online Editorial Board   Something is brewing in the Ethiopian town of Sodere, hidden from the eyes of the world and under the heavy guard of only the most trusted of Ethiopian security personnel and intelligence officers. While what is taking place may seem of little consequence now, if it succeeds, what is happening in Sodere at this crucial moment in the history of Somalia will be looked back upon as the single most significant lasting effect of Ethiopian designs on Somalia. Huddled together in a handful of rooms working tirelessly into late into the evenings and early morning is a collection of traitors of Somali origin tasked with nothing else than putting together a Somali constitution to be presented by Ethiopia’s surrogate warlords at the much anticipated Somali Reconciliation Conference to be held in Kenya under the auspices of the Inter Governmental Authority on Drought (IGAD). Ethiopia, fearing the pressure of both the United States, European Union and the Arab League not to be the spoiler in what may be Somalia’s last chance for reconciliation has recently decided to insert a Trojan Horse into Somalia’s political future in the form of a constitution of it’s own design. The urgency and importance of this plot in the eyes of Ethiopia is apparent in the fact that Ethiopia chose not...

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OGADEN: Ethiopia’s Hidden Shame


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