Arrests after a new wave of protest against Abdi Iley & his TPLF handlers

Arrests after a new wave of protest against Abdi Iley & his TPLF handlers

Dire Dawa — Ethiopian Security forces and its associated Liyu police in Ogaden region arrested Wednesday a number of people in Afdem, about 10 kilometers North-East of Dire Dawa amid protests against Abdi Iley and his Tigrean handlers.

Dozens of youth believed to be organizers of the protest have been arrested in Afdem by the Security Police, also known as Liyuu Police, according to witnesses and activists.

Muse Kamil, Mohamud Alu and Mohamed Aden and dozens of others were placed in custody after the protest erupted at Afdem in the Sitti province, formerly known as Shinile.

Over the last two weeks, the population in the Shinile Zone has been protesting against the policy of the TPLF’s friend, Abdi Iley which they say is based on policy brutality and corruption as well as negligence.

The protests took place in five towns namely Shinile Afdem, Erer, Bike and Hadhagala of the Sitti Province of occupied-Ogaden region.

Abdi Iley accompanied Ethiopia PM Abiy Ahmed during his visit to Djibouti to ask Djiboutian President Ismail Omar Guelleh put pressure the youth uprising throughout the Sitti province.

Abdi Iley fired his soc called Vice President Abdikarem Egal and replaced by Hamdi Adan Abdi as VP.

Human rights organizations accuse the Ethiopian soldiers of violating the human rights by harassing the people in the Ogaden region

By Ahmed Abdi


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