Anti-Abdi Iley protesters clash with  Liyu Police in the Capital, Jigjiga

By Ahmed Abdi

Dozens of protesters on Monday clashed with Liyu Police in the Ogaden region capital city of Jigjiga after the paramilitary tried to stop demonstrators as they call for unconditional release of all prisoners in Qumada” prison and resignation of regional administrator Abdi Iley, social media reports.

The angry protesters have chanted anti-regional administrator Abdi Mohamoud Omar – known as Abdi Iley slogans as they throw stones to the force known as the “Liyu police”.

According to social media Rajo, at least 54 injuries confirmed after the Liyuu militia fired live ammunition to the protesters, among of them, are 12 young men and seven females that are in an extremely serious condition in a house in Jigjiga city.

“The injured youth have not received medical attention as the Liyu Police is hunting them down in hospitals. The situation is getting worse,” added the source.

The regional administrator did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

However, amateur video clips shot today and which circulated on social media showed dozens of protesters throwing stones at advancing police before retreating.

One of the protesters shouted, “We don’t want him!” “We need Justice!” , “Abdi Iley down, down Abdi Iley!”

A separate source said the police have managed to disperse the protesters but the tension is very high as new protests will likely resume again.

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