40 years ago Somalia recalled its troops From Ogaden 

40 years ago Somalia recalled its troops From Ogaden 

Mogadishu, March 9, 1978

The Somali government announced today that it will recall its troops from the Ogaden region.

The announcement was made at a press briefing by the Somali ministry of information.

A statement to the effect issued by the ministry of information says, “in view of the proposals of the big powers to settle the crisis in the Horn of Africa peacefully and withdraw all foreign forces from the region and call upon the Somali democratic republic to recall its units, the central committee of the Somali revolutionary socialist party has passed a resolution that the S.D.R should recall its units from the front.”

The statement says the Somali government demands that all foreign forces be withdrawn from the Horn of Africa and the process for bringing about a peaceful, just and lasting negotiated settlement to the conflict in the horn of Africa be urgently initiated.

Meanwhile, the Somali government reiterates its call for recognition of the right of the Somalis in Ogaden to self-determination.


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