15 Civilians arrested in Dhagahbur town

Fifteen civilians were detained in the town of Dhagahbur, Jarar province as confirmed by local eye witnesses.

In this latest incident of torture and arrest, the Ethiopian military and its associated Liyu militia are reported to have arrested many civilians in various cities and villages in Ogaden region. So far the names below were received from our reporters on the ground and individuals who requested anonymity, as they are not authorized to divulge such information to the public.

  1. Daahiye Maxamed
  2. Ahmed Siyaad
  3. Caasho Naado Cali Soyaan
  4. Barkhad Ismaciil Ugaas
  5. Wardi Sheekh Ciise
  6. Ilkacase Yusuf Maxamed

Human rights organizations accuse the Ethiopian soldiers of violating the human rights by harassing the people in the Ogaden region

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