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Oct 26th
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Home Opinion Ogaden Youth Network of North America Statement on “Peace Agreement”

Ogaden Youth Network of North America Statement on “Peace Agreement”

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The Ogaden Youth Network of North America entirely denounces the fictitious “peace deal” between the Ethiopian regime and former Al-Itihaad Al-Islaami leader and U.S. exile Ibrahim Dheree. In the past few days, it has come to our attention that the Ethiopian regime has constructed a “peace deal” with a mildly retarded individual that goes by the name of Salaaxadin Macow. Who has been hopelessly parading around claiming to represent a faction of the ONLF. It is a well-known fact that these fictitious peace agreements have been constructed by the Ethiopian regime in order to paint a picture of peace in the Ogaden region with the overall aim of drawing foreign investors for the regions rich natural resources.

After failing to defeat the ONLF militarily, Meles Zenewi and his obedient servants have tried everything in their book of tricks to deter supporters from the ONLF but have sadly failed. This latest attempt to seek dysfunctional liberation front’s that come and go as the seasons do and thieves such as Salaaxadin Macow as allies is nothing but laughable and demonstrates how desperate and low the Ethiopian government has become.

Faced with mounting accusations from both state leaders and international organizations, and reports published by human rights organizations accusing the regime of engaging in collective punishment, crimes against humanity and war crimes in the Ogaden region, it is no surprise that the Ethiopian regime would result to using such tactics in order to distort the true reality in the Ogaden.

It is important to note that both of these fictitious “peace agreements” have not an ounce of impact on the struggle for self-determination and justice in the Ogaden occupied region of eastern Ethiopia. It must also be noted that Ibrahim Dheree has always and continues to lack the backing and support of the mass people of the Ogaden. After failing to successfully lead a liberation front and gain the support of the Ogaden population, Ibrahim Dheree has cowardly accepted the marginalization and inhuman treatment of the inhabitants of the Ogaden under the banner of brining “peace”.

The Ogaden Youth Network will like to make it clear to Mr. Ibrahim that the mass people of the Ogaden reject any idea of” peace” for as long as our basic god given rights are absent. After all what good is peace when your people have become modern day slaves under the Nazi like TPLF regime? In addition recognizing that our people have faced countless years of injustice and brutal suppression at the hands of successive Ethiopian regimes, we have come to the conclusion that the liberation struggle headed by the Ogaden National Liberation Front whose chairman is Admiral Mohamed Omar Osman to be the only viable solution to the longstanding conflict in the Ogaden.

Furthermore, we would like to make it clear that a just and comprehensive solution to the Ogaden conflict can only be achieved with the presences of the Ogaden National Liberation Front and with the effective engagement of the international community held in a neutral democratic nation.


Rooble Mohamed
President (Ogaden Youth Network, Minnesota)

Abdifatah Kariye
President (Ogaden Youth Network, California)

Omar Sheekh
President Ogaden Youth Network (Colorado)

Mohamed Raabbi
President Ogaden Youth Network (North Dakota)

Mostafa Miraad
President Ogaden Youth Network (Washington)

Mohamoud Omar
President Ogaden Youth Network (Canada)


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