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Oct 26th
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What Does Development mean to Ogaden and Not Ethiopia

Our reflection on development, underdevelopment, and sustainable development is simple and not defined only by in terms of economics. Although economics plays a central role in determining the health of a nation, it is however, not true indicator to show how a certain population in given nation is coping with their life. Our perception of development is largely influenced by the happiness of the people and how they are treated in their home countries. Development means to us, people having the choices to attain life sustaining resources, like food, shelter, education, health, employment and most of all security to safeguard their human worth. These are the most important factors of development that focuses on the wellbeing of the people of Ethiopia. For us, development should be people centered, and not just an economic number that is propelled to show how well a country is doing in its developmental index. We submit to the fact that the natural resources of a country matters and how it is ranked in the world using the GDP or GNI indexes. However, we are convinced what truly matters are how resources are managed and are being used to improve the quality of life of the people.


Raadraac: Taariikhda Halganka Dhalinyarada Ogadeniya.


Taariikhdu waxay leedahay muuqaal ba...

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 09 July 2013 00:23 )


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Shinning Ever Brighter Still after 15 Years

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ONLF’S Daring Humanitarian Rescue Shines Light on Ongoing Ethiopian Atrocities

ONLF’S Daring Humanitarian Rescue Shines Light on Ongoing Ethiopian Atrocities

The whole world knows that Ogaden is a closed zone where the Ethiopian despots in Addis Ababa do not...

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 June 2011 05:02 )

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