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Apr 24th
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Statement By The Swedish Ogaden Community

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Accomplices of the Ethiopian Army war criminals visits Sweden and met the wrath of the Ogaden Community in Sweden

Aug 20m 2009

On August 15,2009 accomplices of the War criminals in the Ogaden headed by the Ethiopian security agent and head of EPRDF’s political apparatchik in the Ogaden, the so-called ESDP, War Criminal Abdifatah Abdulahi and his security Chief Abdi Mohamed Iley visited Sweden.

 The Ogaden Somali Community immediately notified the Swedish government and Law enforcement agencies in Sweden and mounted a vigil in the rented venue planned for the Criminal group to meet the people. Hundreds of community members congregated around the Hotel this group rented and the Venue they were planning to hold the meeting. After the Ethiopian Embassy got wind of the strength and determination of the community to deal with these War Criminals, they were immediately whisked to the Embassy and were holed up there for three days.

In the meantime, the Swedish police questioned the leaders of the War Criminals about abuses they had committed against Ogaden Swedish Citizens.
Finally, after three days of ordeals and constant pressure from the Ogaden Community the perpetrators escaped in the middle of the night to Britain, where similar fate was awaiting them.

The statement issued by the Ethiopian Embassy in Sweden conveniently omitted all these facts and fabricated a nice speech based on Ethiopian consistant lying about the development, education and projects planned for the Ogaden people, while in reality Ethiopia is systematically committing genocide in Ogaden behind an iron wall. If as the Ethiopian Embassy in Sweden claims, there is any development in the Ogaden, why bar independent Journalists to visit it? Just on August 13, 2009 the Ethiopian Army asked the representative of this group in the town of Gelediid to inform the residents that food aid will be distributed and the residents of Gelediid and surrounding areas congregated in the town square expecting the food aid. The Ethiopian Army then separated all the women from the crowd, took them to their camp and systematically raped them for two days. The War Criminals then released all the women except three whose whereabouts are still unknown.

The challenges mounted by the Ogaden Community in Sweden has sent a strong signal to the Ethiopian Regime of Meles Zenawi and his henchmen,  that their days are numbered and it is a matter of time before they are brought to an International Tribunal for the crimes Meles Zenawi and his cohorts are committing against the Ogaden Somali people.

We call upon the International Community to condemn The Meles Regime and hasten the on-going process of bringing them to justice.

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