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Oct 25th
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Home Horn News Ogaden Ethiopian soldiers cut off young girl’s breast

Ethiopian soldiers cut off young girl’s breast

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Very disturbing news reaching Ogaden Online service desk from the city of Dhuhun states that Ethiopian soldiers and its associated Liyu militia stationed there had cut off both breasts of an innocent young girl named Istahil Abdi Siyad from the viilage of Buryaha, near Dhuhun. This brutal and in humane act happened on June 14th 2013.

The rape and killing of young girls has now reached epidemic proportions in Ogaden and is becoming the most potent weapon used by the Ethiopian military against the Ogaden civilians.

Civilians living closer to the military garrisons where innocent females are held report the screams of the females day and night as it appears they might be tortured or gang raped.

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