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Oct 22nd
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Home Horn News Ogaden Over 80 Ethiopian soldiers put out of action

Over 80 Ethiopian soldiers put out of action

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The Ogaden National Liberation Front Army (ONLA) is continuing its offensive against Ethiopian army troops and its associated militia, where Ethiopian forces are engaged in fighting against ONLF freedom fighters.

On January 16, 2013 ONLA received an intelligent tip that Ethiopian troops from the garrisons of Galalshe, fiq and Jigjiga converged a place called Oray which is outskirts of the twon of Galalshe and started conducting punitive campaign against the rural communities in the area.

The Liberation Army from the Heegan (Ready) unit sent a team of specially trained Commando who successfully freed the civilians. The Ogaden National Liberation Army commando engaged the marauding Ethiopian, killing 80 Ethiopian soldiers and wounding around 100 soldiers.
The liberation army destroyed the garrison, burning a military vehicle and capturing large stockpiles of food, medicine and ammunition.

Furthermore, the Liberation Army captured communication equipment, 34 heavy machine guns including 2 BKM.

ONLA freed 30 civilians from Ethiopian Army detention centre. The detained civilians were tortured and badly treated. Among the Prisoners found were women, children and elderly people who were abducted by the Ethiopian Army.

Although reliable eyewitnesses in the areas where the offensives took place confirmed seeing many Ethiopian taken prisoners by the ONLA(Ogaden National Army), the leaders of the ONLA refused to deny or confirm any such prisoner takings.

Latest reports from the Ogaden say that similar attacks by ONLF freedom fighters, which usually occur when Ethiopian soldiers venture into rural localities and villages to massacre civilians, are continuing
Last Updated ( Saturday, 19 January 2013 16:52 )  

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