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Feb 14th
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Home Horn News Ogaden Family of Seven detained in Geri go’an

Family of Seven detained in Geri go’an

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In this latest incident of torture and arrest, the Ethiopian army and its associated militias are reported to have arrested family of Seven including children and nursing mothers in Geri go’an on January 6th 2013.

Their names were received from our reporters on the ground and individuals who requested anonymity, as they are not authorized to divulge such information to the public.

1. Cabdiqaadir Maxamed Aadan
2. Bare Maxamed Aadan
3. Axmed Cabdiqaadir
4. Ruqiya Axmed Nuur
5. Maxamed Guhaad
6. Ayaan Siraad
7. Yaasiin Axmed Nuur

In related news, robberies engineered by the Ethiopian army and its associated militias continues unabated in many part of the Ogaden.

Some of the Ethiopian sanctioned robberies that our reporters were able to witness or document include Osman Shine Mohamed who was robbed 50 goats on January 11th  in Cadaadle village, near Garbo town. Its reported that Ethiopian soldiers severely tortured Mr. Osman and kidnapped Wife Raho Ibrahim.

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