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Oct 25th
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Home Horn News Ogaden Dalaad and Geedi Aar Military Barracks Overrun by the ONLA

Dalaad and Geedi Aar Military Barracks Overrun by the ONLA

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Reports reaching the Ogaden Online service desk from the ONLF Central command confirm the existence of a new, major commando offensive by the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA). Reporters in the Ogaden frontlines reported that the ONLA, in what appeared to be well planned and well coordinated attacks, attacked Ethiopian military garrisons and bases near Qabridahar and Degahbour

These planned commando attacks took place last night midnight, Ogaden local time, in the major military garrisons and bases in the Village of Dalaad, near Qabridahar and Geedi Aar village located outskirts of Degahbour

Local eyewitnesses and our frontline reporters both confirmed that these major military garrisons came under a multi-pronged attack by ONLA commandoes from Gorgor (Eagle) units..

The eyewitnesses also confirmed that the Woyane (Ethiopian) militias were overwhelmed by the surprise, multi-pronged, and nocturnal attacks. This, the eyewitnesses added, enabled the ONLA commandoes to overrun the entrenched Woyane (Ethiopian) defences in all the military and militia bases that came under attack.

Although there have been widespread casualties more so on the Woyane militia side, the ONLA commando leaders refused to describe their losses or the reported gains in military supplies. They have also refused to divulge any information related to the operation.

Eyewitnesses confirmed that many the Ethiopian army and its associated militias stationed in these barracks were either injured, killed, or escaped on foo

This latest attack in Dalaad and Geedi Aar follows other similar attacks that the ONLA have recently carried out against the Ethiopian army and its associated militias in many parts of the Ogaden.



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