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Apr 25th
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Paul Kagame's Mockery Of Genocide

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The awarding of a medal for fighting against genocide to Meles Zenawi by, the president of Rwanda, Paul Kagame, is an affront to the Victims of Genocide in both Rwanda, Ogaden and other parts of the world. Meles Zenawi has committed and is still committing acts of genocide in Ogaden which is of similar nature to the one that happened in Rwanda and he is a candidate for trial in the International Criminal Court at The Hague.

Paul Kagame's decoration of Ethiopia's ruthless dictator is one of the saddest moments in history of Africa where a president of a nation that had suffered so much because of genocide would mock the crimes committed against his own people in Rwanda by publicly decorated a War Criminal who committed War Crimes and Genocide against the Ogaden people as documented by the UN, Human Rights organizations and world governments, hence, this reward to a War Criminal demonstrates his lack of insight of what is going on in the Horn of Africa and Ogaden as well as in Ethiopia. We advise the president of Rwanda, a member of AU which is supposed to solve the myriad problems of the continent, has to visit refugee camps in the Horn of Africa to get a glimpse of the carnage that has been committed by Meles Zenawi and his henchmen. This reward to a war criminal and tyrant Zenawi has undermined Paul Kagame's moral authority to ever again condemn others for their criminality.  This travesty by Paul Kagame in no way diminishes our deep sympathies for the victims of the Rwandan Genocide and our affinity to the people of Rwanda

Therefore the Ogaden National Liberation Front condemns that act in the strongest terms possible and call upon all people with conscience to do the same.

Although the Somali people had stood by the people of Rwanda both morally and materially in times of Rwanda’s dire need, Kagame’s immoral act will never be forgotten. Kagame have chosen to ally with a man who committed inhuman crimes against the people in the Horn of Africa, and he will live with that choice for a long time to come.

The will of the people for freedom from any sort of enslavement is stronger than worthless banquets and medallions given to a dictator.

Source: ONLF.ORG
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