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Oct 27th
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Home Horn News Ethiopia Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a house for Abyssinians Only!

Ministry of Foreign Affairs is a house for Abyssinians Only!

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 Federal Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not federal organization and for all Ethiopians, but a House for Abyssinians Only. Most senior officials and staff members in the key positions are from Tigray and Amhara ethnic groups only. There is no single staff member from Gambella, Afar and Somali ethnic groups, and also Muslim Person in this organization’s HQ. There are few non- Abyssinian Ambassadors and Councillors in some embassies, but they do some low profile activities, or clerk works.

Most of the non- Abyssinian works are performing such low tasks, such as keeping records, attending to correspondence, filing or translating documents from their language to English / Amharic without payment, while their colleagues from Tigray and Amhara are in 5start hotels, attending big conferences and important meetings, and travelling to and from Ethiopia on regular basis. The same is with most all federal government authorities; agencies and offices, such as Ministry of Federal Affairs, Customs, Telecommunication, Immigration, Federal Police and jenjawid “Liyu Police”, and also Security and Army agencies. This shows the Fake Woyane Democracy and Ethnic Federalism, and their dirty game with the Ethiopians and international community.
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Author: Yakume
Last Updated ( Monday, 03 December 2012 20:29 )  



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