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Oct 28th
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Home Entertainment Movies Hagar daamo Gumeysi Halgamaa wax ma yeehso

Hagar daamo Gumeysi Halgamaa wax ma yeehso

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Waxaa dadweynaha ku nool magaalada Toronto iyo nwaaxgeeda la ogeysiinaya ain la dhigi doono filimkii ama Riwaayadii la magac baxdey "Hagar daamo Gumeysi Halgamaa wax ma yeehso

Days Hotel
1677 Wilson AV.

Toronto,Ontario (Jane and Wilson)

Mohamed Abdullahi ( 416) 554-2734
Khadija Ali ( 647) 283-8143
Dahabo Hirsi ( 647) 701-6815
Abdi Mirad ( 647) 703-0874





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