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Oct 23rd
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Eid Mubarak song dedicated ONLF freedom fighters: By Abdiqani Patrol


Dal Qadiim ah ayaan ahay: By Jaango

Halkan ka dhegayso

Last Updated ( Tuesday, 01 March 2011 04:09 )

Hagar daamo Gumeysi Halgamaa wax ma yeehso

Waxaa dadweynaha ku nool magaalada Toronto iyo nwaaxgeeda la ogeysiinaya ain la dhigi doono filimkii...

Gufaaco: Gabay uu tiriyey Abwaan Ikhyaar Hassan

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 04 August 2010 16:36 )

Gabay: Eebo Cadow

Gabaygan waxaa tiriyey Abwaan lagu magacaabo Ikhyar Hassan.

Halgan ka dhegayso



Walking From The Ogaden In Ethiopia: Seeking Peace In Dadaab

he “firstly travelled by camel – given to me by my brother, to Danod in Wardheer. This...


A Place To Call Home: images and interviews of refugees from Ogaden


Genocide Watch calls on UN to initiate action against Ethiopian Dictator

March 23, 2009E-mail:genocidewatch@aol.com Website: www.genocidewatch.org

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